An Open Letter, with Thanks, to the Foremothers

An Open Letter, with Thanks, to the Foremothers, by Molly Harris

 I knew that the ASWM conference would be really enjoyable and interesting, but I had no idea how amazingly meaningful and life-enhancing it would be for me.  Just sitting in that ballroom and seeing so many wise women in one place, I realized that each began some 30-40 years ago in a very small way to create a new spirituality that brought back an ancient spirituality.

I was touched by the power in that room, and the willingness of everyone to come together and share in spite of differences of approach. In fact, the differences were what made the conference whole and complete. I felt a connection with each woman I sat by at lunch or spoke to in between sessions. Everyone was wise and supportive.

When I made my presentation at the very end of the day on Saturday, I was touched to see each woman I had connected with slip into the room as I was preparing to speak. I felt held and supported in this new endeavor. The women who presented with me were brilliant, and our moderator couldn’t have been more knowledgeable and kind. I made so many new friends! And it was good to push myself and do something new; that was part of the power of the experience, also, to put myself out there and be seen.

The conference was such a perfect blend of scholarship and spirituality. It couldn’t have been better. Visually it was inspiring just to see the colorful Goddess clothing and jewelry and the spirit of so many incredibly beautiful women flowing through the rooms. I heard so much laughter and saw many tears, both of grief and joy. I learned so much and took in so much in the music and dance and poetry and sacred ambience.

I was enthralled the whole time I was there, and I was carried home in an aura of joy and gratitude for the Spirit of Women.

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4 comments on “An Open Letter, with Thanks, to the Foremothers
  1. Tamis Renteria says:

    I wish I’d been there. Next time nothing will keep me away. Thanks for the letter.

  2. batyawein says:

    Yes couldn’t agree more. Imagine my surprise when a student wrote a paper based almost entirely on papers from Max’s archives and I could easily write a comment, Max will be so happy to know her work was used so well and I will be sure to tell her the next time I see her…so glad we are networking. Batya

  3. Molly,
    I enjoyed meeting you as well and you did a wonderful job presenting your paper.

  4. Molly Harris says:

    Thanks, Linda! 🙂

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