Experiential Workshops at ASWM Conference

TrypillianCouncil_webWhy does an academic conference include workshops?  Because people learn using different modes, and because a good workshop should be based on sound scholarship.  ASWM supports the many methods of teaching and learning that reinforce knowledge and inspire creativity.

 This year you have excellent choices among workshops:

  • Frog Mysteries
  • Ceremony of the Dark Mother
  • The Mesoamerican Wheel of the Year
  • Shamanism, Indigenous Grandmothers and Art
  • Reclaiming Women’s Sexuality and Spirituality
  • 21 Dances of Tara

And don’t forget that you can still sign up for an enriching post-conference workshop on inter-species relationships and archetypes,  ““Horses as Living Mysteries.”

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2 comments on “Experiential Workshops at ASWM Conference
  1. Lynda Effertz says:

    Is there further info on the experiential workshops listed above? And–do they cost extra? Thanks, I’m so excited that the time is drawing near. Lynda Effertz

    • gscholars says:

      Hi Lynda,
      There is no extra charge for the workshops that run in sessions on Friday and Saturday–Frog Mysteries, Women’s Sexuality and Spirituality, the Mesoamerican Wheel of the Year, Shamanism and Grandmothers, 21 Dances of Tara, or Ceremony of the Dark Mother. All are 90 minutes in length. The only workshop for which there is an extra charge is Horses and Living Myths, an off-site post conference workshop.
      I’m glad for your excitement–we are all feeling that way too!

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