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Welcome to ASWM— your home for the buzzing “hive” of services for goddess scholars, artists, and women interested in the stories and images of goddesses and heroines. 

11 comments on “Notes and Comments
  1. Angela Hope says:

    Hi everyone,

    Love this site and I am so grateful that the community of Goddess scholars can all come together in one central place online. Looking forward to engaging with others on Goddess studies.

  2. Anne Peek says:

    I tried to become a member on your website but all of the links are not working. How can I become a member?

    • gscholars says:

      Hi Anne,
      I am sorry that our links are not working–it’s a PayPal issue that we are working to resolve. (See me gritting my teeth.)

      We definitely don’t want to discourage you from joining us! There are presently two ways to join–if you are planning to attend either the East or Midwest Symposia, there is a link for joining on line when you register. If you are unable to attend, the Join Now page on the web site gives the address for our treasurer, and you may join by check or money order.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working with the cyber-bureaucrats to get the links up again.
      Thanks for your interest in ASWM. I hope to see you at one of our events this year!
      Sid Reger for ASWM

  3. Lynne Sullivan says:

    I’m going to register for the 2011 Midwest Symposium and join as a member. What is the difference between a Professional Member and an Associate Member?
    Thank you

    • sidreger says:

      Hi Lynne,
      Good question. The main difference is the level of support you wish to give the organization. We have three membership levels because we are trying to appeal to a broad range of people. Not everyone can afford the professional membership level. There are no distinctions made in benefits based on the level of membership. You still get discounts on events, and (very soon) access to special articles and resources on the member-only web site! I look forward to meeting you at the symposium.

  4. lobagirl says:

    I have a question: I live in Germany so I cannot easily attend the 2013 Symposium (so sad!). Is there a chance that you will make some of the sessions available online in some way?
    Best wishes

    • gscholars says:

      So sorry you can’t make it to the symposium in St. Paul. Maybe you will be able to join us in San Antonio next year for our big conference!

      We don’t budget for recording of small events, so we are not going to record the symposium presentations. However, we will make abstracts and some PDFs available on the member section of our new web site (watch for it within a couple of months). And we are working on a volume of proceedings from past events, to be available by the end of the year.

      We would welcome your participation as a member, from Germany or anywhere else. The new web site will feature member resources that may be helpful to you, whatever your location or research interest.
      Best wishes–hope to see you next year.

  5. Hello ASWM, A friend directed me to you. I am interested in finding out more about your events and conferences. Thanks, Siona
    Siona Benjamin
    Fulbright-Nehru scholar 2011

    • gscholars says:

      Hi Siona,
      Thanks for your interest in ASWM. We will add you to our email list (not many emails; just announcements of events and calls for proposals). You can check out the website blog for past events, articles, and member artwork. Hope to see you in San Antonio for the conference next March!

  6. Shari Tarbet says:

    Hello ASWM. I will be applying for the Kore Award 2014 and I have one question about the application. In sending an attachment on my email application of my dissertation to you, do you just want the body of the work alone or all pages including table of contents, committee members page, etc.

    • workmakinne says:

      Dear Shari,

      Please include all pages of the dissertation, including tables of contents, committee members, tables of figures or plates, etc. Thank you very much for asking!

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