Mythic Images

This is the place for some of our favorite mythic images–artifacts, art, and sacred sites–from members’ collections.

1.  Our Girls in Büyükdere (three Neolithic Anatolian goddess figures from the Sadberk Hanim Museum outside of Istanbul),  shared by Sid Reger from a visit to Turkey in 2006.  I haven’t seen a detailed discussion of these three ladies, but I know they are from Hacilar.

Sadberk is a small private museum  not to be missed–one lovely boat ride away from Istanbul.  The museum itself has won architectural awards for blending Ottoman yeli style with a modern expansion.

Neolithic goddesses, Sadberk Museum, outside of Istanbul

Neolithic goddesses, Sadberk Museum, outside of Istanbul

2 comments on “Mythic Images
  1. Janine Canan says:

    Thank you, Sid, for sharing these lovely inspiring ancestral deities. And for letting us know about the Sadberk Museum, which I hope to visit one day. And for all your work here…truly wondrous.

    Janine Canan

    • gscholars says:

      Hi Janine,
      And thank you for your kind remarks! I hope we will hear from others who have found museum “gems” around the world. Our conference is in San Francisco this year; it would be wonderful to have you join us there.

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