2010 Conference

NOTICE: registration is closed. There will be no walk-in registration.


The 2010 conference (our first biennial multi-day conference) of ASWM will be held April 23 to 25 at Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA. Our theme is “The Green Goddess.”

The Labyrinth at Kirkridge Retreat Center

The Labyrinth at Kirkridge Retreat Center

Keynote speakers include Max Dashu of Suppressed Histories with one of her tour de force presentations on female icons, Cristina Eisenberg (a wolf biologist who is actively engaged in ecological restoration that supports sustainability of wildlife communities and of the human spirit), Dr. Ann Filemyr on healing from the nature/culture divide, and Cristina Biaggi on the Great Goddess as a green goddess, through the lens of art and history.

We will honor Margot Adler with our first Demeter Award for Leadership in Women’s Spirituality, and will also bestow our first Kore Award for Best Dissertation in Goddess Studies.

Lydia Ruyle’s inspiring goddess banners will grace the meeting space, and she will offer a workshop.

Our film festival will host the world premiere of “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican,” about the ordination of Catholic women priests, and will feature ethnologist Sabine Jell-Bahlson’s films on Mammywata.

Topics include lady of the beasts, publishing goddess scholarship, spiritual geometry and the goddess, archaeomythology, the divine feminine as vortex, finding your sacred language, the wheel of the year as spiritual psychology, frog mysteries, and much more.

In addition to papers, panels and workshops, the ASWM conference will feature a number of performances. Poet Annie Finch will do a masked reading; novelist Elizabeth Cunningham will read from her Maeve novels; storyteller Diane Wolkstein will present her new work on Kuan-Yin; singer Ruth Barrett will perform a “concert for Gaia.” And Denise DeLuise will perform and teach the tarantella, a women’s ritual dance!

Requests for general information should be sent to Sid Reger at goldcrow47 @ comcast.net (note, to avoid spam the address listed here includes a space before and after the @ sign, which you’ll need to delete).

Conference Site:
The 2010 conference will take place at the beautiful Kirkridge Retreat Center, atop the Pocono mountain ridges near the Delaware Water Gap.  Kirkridge is located about 90 minutes from both New York City and Philadelphia.

Here are distances and Kirkridge directions.

See below for cancellation policy.

Interested in Carpooling?
We encourage it! Indicate on the registration form if you are interested in carpooling, and we’ll add you to our carpool yahoogroup.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  • No refund of dues.
  • Cancellation before March 15: refund of conference registration, housing and meal fee, less $50.
  • Cancellation between March 15 and March 28: refund less $100.
  • Cancellation March 29 through April 8: refund less $150.
  • Cancellation April 9 or after, no refund.
  • Registration closes April 15; if you are paying by check we need your check by April 15. No on-site registration.




32 comments on “2010 Conference
  1. This is my area. Keep me posted!

  2. If you have a maiiling list, please put me on it!

    Thanks so much!

  3. lauren raine says:

    Sounds like a wonderful conference! I will be in Arizona and probably can’t afford to come, but will bear this in mind for the future. I’ve been involved with Goddess spirituality for many years, especially with a collection of Goddess masks that I made which travelled throughout communities for years. I am glad to discover this site!

    Lauren Raine

  4. Dolores DeLuise says:

    I plan to attend. Please keep me updated on registration etc. Could not join ASWM via PayPal. Will check back.

  5. Carol Maurer says:

    I am looking forward to the conference and walking the labyrinth…maybe I can facilitate a group Appleton Dance Walk! Anxiously waiting the registration info…

  6. I am interested in this conferece. Thanks!

  7. Linda Noble says:

    I plan to attend. Please keep me updated on registration.

  8. Lynn Mitchell says:

    This looks wonderful–please put me on email list for registration. I am a doctoral student in Women’s Spirituality at the California Institute of Integral Studies, but I live near Philadelphia. I’m thrilled this is on the East Coast.

  9. dagmar iris hoell says:

    very inspiring!!!

  10. keep me posted. maybe I can attend. finances a problem.

  11. Joanne Nicholson says:

    I will be attending. Please let me know when I can register!! Blessings to all!

    • gscholars says:

      Hi Joanne,
      I am glad you’ll be joining us! The on line registration should be up and running within about a week. I will post to everyone once that is ready. You will be able to get to it on this web site.
      Sid for ASWM

  12. I’m very much looking forward to this event! I’ll be looking for a ride from NYC.

    • gscholars says:

      For those seeking to carpool, we have set up a Yahoo Group so that you may communicate with each other. Just let us know as you register.
      Sid Reger

  13. Karol Kleppinger says:

    I am making a wish to be at the conference.

  14. rhondda says:

    This sounds wonderful. I was wondering if you were going to do an audio and /or a video taping of this? I cannot afford to go, but I probably could afford that.

    • gscholars says:

      Hi Rhondda,
      We will do our best to document the conference in some way for future reference. We aren’t able (yet!) to offer CDs of conferences or symposia. But, we will give a full report of the conference on this web site. We’ll include emails for presenters who are interested in sharing their papers.

  15. It might make my travel easier if I can stay over on Thursday night. Is that possible, or would I look for accommodations in Stroudsburg?

  16. Alyce Walker says:

    Money issues would interfere with attendance for me, but I’m very interested. Not in just the weekend, but this organization. I’m just beginning my own small gathering of women on March 19th in Doylestown, PA to explore these very issues! Would love to learn and share with the women at the conference. I wasn’t aware that this organization even existed. This is amazing! Please put me on a mailing list.

    Blessings and Thanks…

  17. […] am pleased to share that I will be presenting a workshop at the 2010 Association for the Study of Women and Mythology Conference: The Green Goddess, April 23 – 25. Some incredible Goddess scholars and artists will be sharing their work at this […]

  18. andrea steffens says:

    P:lease put me on your mailing list.

  19. Anne Peek says:

    I cannot attend this year because of conflicts but please put me on a mailing list if possible so I can get notice of your next conference way ahead. Thank you!

  20. Very excited to share with others my material about Gwan Yin whom I have fallen in love with. I realize I have 5 statues of her in my house, in almost every room.
    She is gentle, loving and full of limitless power.

    • Kate Gillis says:

      I can’t wait to hear about Qwan Yin. Your book on Inanna revealed her power to me. Looking forward to meeting you.

  21. Lorraine Schein says:

    Please put me on your email list.

  22. Angela Hope says:

    This is such a great site. I am a goddess scholar too focusing in thealogy. I would love to get more involved with this association in whatever way you need. Please put me on your mailing list as well. Thanks so much. I did also send in my 30.00 to become a member.

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