Keynote for Midwest: Mary Kelly

Goddesses.  Women.  Cloth: Mary Kelly To Give Keynote Address at ASWM Midwest Symposium

Ebroidered Goddess, Norway

ASWM is excited to present its 2011 Midwest Symposium Thursday, May 19, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. The keynote speaker at this event is Mary B. Kelly, textile expert and artist, who will present a 7:30 p.m. lecture entitled Goddess. Women. Cloth: Inspired Ritual Textiles from Around the World. This evening lecture will feature slides and hands-on experience with the textiles.

Within folk cultures across the world, women make textiles, inspired by goddesses, and use them in rituals to honor their deities, contact spirits or protect their families and communities.

In some areas these traditions continue today. This presentation features an overview of the textiles in the context of history, rituals and religious beliefs. Kelly explores cultures worldwide: Siberia, China and the Far East, India, Central and South East Asia, Eastern, Northern and Central Europe, Greece and the Balkans, Africa and the Americas, sharing her extensive knowledge and research on local textile traditions.


Click here to register. (Discount for registrations before April 15.)


The symposium will be held at the Madison Sheraton Hotel. A block of sleeping rooms is available for the special rate of $119 (with upgrade to Club Level for an additional $30), until April 27. Click here for hotel room reservations.

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