Symposium 2013

The information below was posted prior to our 2013 symposium. Click here for a report on that symposium.

Welcome to the ASWM Regional Symposium: “Lady of Ten Thousand Lakes: Finding Wisdom in Places”

Location & Date
Program & Registration
Keynote Speaker
Our Film Screening



Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN


Saturday, April 20, 2013


Registration opens at 7:30 AM on Saturday. The program begins 8:30 AM Saturday morning and ends by 6:00 PM on Saturday night.

Click Here to Register

Our Keynote Speaker

Honoring the Web: Indigenous Wisdom and the Power of Place
This address will examine the ways in which indigenous worldviews and philosophies can inform contemporary studies in mythology and earth-based spirituality. We will explore the ways in which ancient concepts converge with modern science as well as how history and politics influence scholarship and activism.

Arieahn Matamonasa-Bennett, a Healer, Teacher, Artist and Writer. She is an Assistant Professor at DePaul University in Chicago and a Licensed Psychologist with a small private practice specializing in Equine (Horse) Assisted Therapies and Healing for Healers. Her areas of scholarship and expertise are Native American cultural studies, feminist views on violence against women and animal human interaction. She has spoken internationally, nationally and published in these areas over the last decade.Her current work includes “All My Relations: Indigenous perspectives on human animal relationships and animal assisted therapies” due for publication in late 2013.  Learn more about her work and practice at her Web Site.

Our film screening

“Things We Don’t Talk About” (Fall 2012) is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary that shows how the Red Tent, a red fabric space is empowering modern women. The film documents the things women hide, the things that bring them pain and joy, and for many it is a place to be honest for the first time in their life. “Things We Don’t Talk About” seeks to humanize the stories in the red tent—to put a face on the space.

Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD is trained as both a filmmaker and as a textile historian. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to her educational experiences, Isadora has owned and operated Soulful Media, her film production company since 2004 and has produced 12 films since she began. Isadora continues to be inspired by international travel and many of her films have led her to live in and travel in more than 18 countries.


We have six panels for a very full day:

  • Methodology in Goddess Studies
  • Wisdom in Mythic Places
  • Art and Archaeology in Goddess Studies
  • Modern Matriarchal Studies:  Matriarchies in Place
  • The Wisdom of Earthly Places
  • Shifting Sands:  Liminal Spaces and Diaspora

See the  2013 program schedule for the day’s events.



There is limited space available to participants and local organizations.  Please email if you are interested.

Location & Date
Program & Registration
Keynote Speaker
Our Film Screening

3 comments on “Symposium 2013
  1. I’m a retired UU minister. I couldn’t afford to attend. However, as I happen to live in Mpls, I am wondering if you would like an experienced volunteer to help with registration, data-entry, etc. I can also provide space to stay.

    • gscholars says:

      Thanks for your offer! We can always use good volunteers, and when there’s enough support in our scholarship fund, we can sometimes help offset members’ registration fees. After all, the folks we most want to see at our events are the ones who really want to be there!
      Best wishes.

  2. Thanks! I’m really excited about connecting and using my local publicity system for such a worthy group.

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